Signature Scents

For our signature scents, we use only 100% essential oils, with NO chemical fragrances. We apply these signature scents to all ManSoap Company apothecary products.

Our signature scents are:

TRUE GRIT–  This is our most manly scent. True Grit contains cedarwood, rosemary and red thyme essential oils, giving it a distinct woodsy, musky and earthy perseverance. Picture of a woodsman swinging an axe: this is what he would be wearing.

MINT CONDITION– When thinking about what a clean man might love, Mint Condition was born. Lavender and peppermint essential oils provide a cool and refreshing minty aroma to energize the senses.

SIXTH GEAR– Sixth Gear brings a fresh citrus scent. Pink grapefruit and bergamot essential oils make this a fantastic yet light scent, perfect for most people.

UNSCENTSORED– We have been releasing some of our products without any essential oils. While we wouldn’t call these scent free, as we use 100% natural products and those products carry natural scents, we are not adding any additional essential oils. An UnScentsored product is a great option for people with high sensitivities.