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Bamboo Soap Dish


Get the most of your handmade natural soap with this slotted bamboo soap dish that offers drainage so the soap can dry between use.

Handmade soaps naturally have a high glycerin content, which is great for your skin – but it also means the soap requires a place to dry out between uses. The glycerin attracts water and if left in standing water, the soap will break down quickly. To prolong the lifespan of your soap, do not allow it to sit in a dish or container that is bowl-shaped, or that allows water to pool in the bottom. Instead, be sure to store your soap in a dry place out of the stream of water, and on a draining soap dish.

This slatted bamboo soap dish is ideal because it wicks water away from the soap, allowing the soap to dry properly, thus extending the life span of the bar.

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