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Convenient and eco-friendly! Have you tried our amazing glycerin based Wet Shave Soap REFILL?👊  


60 ml of ManSoap All Natural Handmade Aftershave Spritz 👊


Pre-shave Oil is designed to reduce nicks and irritation caused by shaving. 👊  

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Our Wet Shave Brush is laser engraved the iconic ManSoap. 👊  


Our amazing glycerin based Wet Shave Soap will provide the glide you need and the foam you want. 👊  

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The ManSoap Clean-Cut Gift Box is ideal for a classic wet shave. 👊

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Skin irritation is totally avoidable when using this Henson Shaving double-edged safety razor.👊

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The HENSON SHAVING Edition of ManSoap's Clean-Cut Gift Box contains EVERYTHING needed (including the razor) for a classic wet shave.👊