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About us

The story of ManSoap starts in the winter of 2015.  Dana and Shann have a small family, with two teenage daughters.  Like many teenagers, Anika and Kianna were finding it tough to keep acne under control.  

After some investigation, we came to the startling realization that the very soaps we were buying to help our kids control acne were in fact causing their pores to be filled with chemicals.  You see, most “soaps” you purchase now are not actually soap. Because they contain very little natural products and are almost all chemical based, they are actually a detergent.  

Shortly after that, our first batch of homemade soap was born.  It was a simple, olive oil based soap, with no scent.  Within three weeks our children's faces were clear of acne.  Both Shann and Dana also noticed their skin was significantly softer.  

We started to share our finding with friends and family.  They started to use our soaps, and asked for more.  In the summer of 2016 - ManSoap was officially born.  While we maintain our presence in the Ottawa area - actually located in the foothills of Gatineau Park, our online store also services those who are not in local vicinity.  

The name ManSoap simply comes from the idea of an all natural, pure soap company starting from one man's desire to help his children.  Looking around, we found lots of small batch soap companies who mostly cater to women.  There were very few that had products specifically targeted at men.  We wanted to help fill that gap, and provide some amazing products to help men keep clean and fresh.

Signature Scents

We wanted to take a slightly different approach than most.  We have worked hard to make three distinct scents - using only 100% essential oils, with NO chemical scents or fragrances. These three signature scents are then applied to all the products we make.  This makes it easy for someone to choose their favourite scent, then match up their hygienic needs.

Our 3 signature scents are:

True Grit -  This is our most manly scent.  It contains Cedarwood, Rosemary and Red Thyme, giving it a very musky smell.  When you think of a woodsman, swinging an axe, this is what he would be wearing.

Mint Condition - When thinking about what a clean man might love, Mint Condition was born.  Lavender and Peppermint essential oils give this soap it's minty smell.  

Sixth Gear - Sixth Gear helps to bring in a fresh, invigorating scent. Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oils bestow fruity characteristics.


Soaps - Using only all natural ingredients, our soaps consist of olive, coconut, palm and castor oils.  Each oil brings a different benefit to the skin, all of them leaving your skin clean, and refreshed.

We are also partnering up with local crafters for premium collaborations.  Our beer soap is from a local craft brewery - Beyond the Pales’ Pink Fuzz.  And we have special edition soaps, from such local breweries as Bicycle Craft Brewery, with whom we have made an amazing Velocipede India Pale Ale and Spent Grains soap - one of my favourites!

Our coffee soap utilizes Yirgacheffe coffee grounds, sourced from Happy Goat.

We are always looking for new partnerships - email us if you are interested in a collaboration -

Beard Oils - Like our soaps, we only utilize 100% natural ingredients in our beard oils. Jojoba, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond are mixed to perfection, providing amazing conditioning properties to even the most brittle beard.  Helps to reduce split ends and beard dandruff, as well as softening up your whiskers to keep your significant other happy to kiss you!  

Beard Balm - Beard balm takes all the benefits of beard oil, but adds in beeswax and shea butter to help provide a little bit of hold.  Our beard balm would be considered a light hold.  

Moustache Wax - Trying to grow a long manly moustache that you can curl?  If so, you need a strong moustache wax to hold that in place.  The ManSoap moustache wax contains coconut and grapeseed oils with a healthy helping of beeswax.  Our moustache wax would be considered a medium to strong holding wax.  

We are always expanding our product lines, so stay tuned for more!