Pre-shave Oil

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Pre-shave oil is designed to reduce nicks and irritation caused by shaving, by increasing the skin suppleness and pliability, helping it to maintain moisture.  

When a blade drags across the well moisturized skin, the skin "gives" to the blade and will bend or conform significantly to the shape of the blade BEFORE it will be torn or cut by the blade. 

Smells amazing utilizing orange and lime essential oils.

Please note, Pre-shave oil is made up of thick oils, to allow a blade to glide properly, and to lift the hair follicle.  Due to the nature of the product it is designed for us with single blade solutions in mind.  Straight Razors, Shavettes and Safety Razors are the best solutions to use with this product.  Multi-blade disposable solutions will find that the space between the blades will become gummed up.