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What do you mean by all natural soaps? Castile or Bastille?

We often get asked what is in our soaps.  When we put the term all natural on the label and advertise it is such, we don't do that lightly.  Creating an all natural product means putting a lot of thought and energy in sourcing just the right ingredients.  

Let's chat a bit about Castile soap.  And, also Bastille.  First?  What are they?

Castile soap has been around for well over a thousand years.  The soap originated from an area of Italy, in the Kingdom of Castilla.  Castile soap uses pure Olive Oil, with either Lye (sodium hydroxide) or potassium hydroxide to cause the saponification effect - or what is commonly known as soap.  As early as the 11th century, Crusaders were said to have brought Castile soap back to Europe, although there are records of Castile styles of soap as early as the 3rd century.  

Today, however it is far more common for all natural soaps to be made as Bastille.   Because a Castile soap is made exclusively with Olive Oil, anything other would be a Bastille soap - or a combination of all natural oils, and includes up to 70% Olive Oil.

ManSoap exclusively makes Bastille style soaps.  Why?  Because they are frankly better. When you are able to mix multiple types of oils together you get the nutrients and benefits from them as well.  Our soap base - used against all our hand made soaps consists of Olive Oil at around 70%, Coconut Oils, ethically sourced Palm Oils and Castor.  That's it. Simple. 

From there we take our secret recipes to make our Beer and Coffee exfoliate soaps.  Add in our 3 signature scents and you have ManSoap.

If you have any questions at all about soap, how we source our ingredients, why it is so important to only use ALL NATURAL, reach out.

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