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Stockist Love - Support Local!

Handmade Soap Natural Soap Soap Dish Stockists

As the owner of a small business, I knew even before I launched that to meet our objectives for the company as a whole, I needed a strong group of partners.  We absolutely love working with other local small businesses - and our goal is to always help to provide amazing products that complement what our stockist partners are doing.  As a small team at ManSoap.  For the day to day, it's just Dana and I.  Anika and Kianna are starting to get more and more involved in the packaging of our products and will be our face at local craft events we are starting in November.

Web sales and support of our products will always be available, but our goal has always been that if you are in the Ottawa / Gatineau region to go and visit our Stockists.  You will save the shipping fees and get to experience the amazing services they provide - we love them and know you will too!

Dana just finished getting trained on a laser etching system last week.  We are using the amazing solutions that are available to us from My Urban Workshop.  If you haven't - I highly suggest you check them out, if you are crafty in the least.  Dana walked away with an amazing amount of ideas on how we can best support, and co-market with our Stockist.

The first of many will start showing up in our Stockists this coming week.  Co-branded ManSoap Bamboo Soap Dishes.  Check them out!  So cool!  

Please, do yourself a favour and visit our Stockists.  All are great people, running amazing small businesses in the Ottawa / Gatineau area.  


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