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My recent hotel stay - or "Bathing in Chemicals"....

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I have been travelling this week, and as normal I am drawn to looking at what "soaps" the hotel I'm staying at is providing to it's guests.  Without naming my hotel, I'll tell you that they claim to not be mediocre, in fact better than everyone else and have some strange fascination with cowboy movies...

My latest encounter has been with a line of hotel products named Nourish - A Spa Line.  

Nourish eh...

More specifically I decided I would test out the "cleansing bar" in my morning shower.  They claim - according to their site that this bar of "soap" 'cleanses without drying skin, leaving it feeling refreshed, revitalized and radiant.'

It came in a small cake, as is expected for a single use, hotel stay.  It smelled, chemically, not natural at all.   I was left feeling greasy, almost like I had a layer of petroleum jelly on me.  Luckily, I had brought a small bar of our Beer Soap with me (my personal favourite) and took ANOTHER shower, just to get clean.

It left me wondering, what was that bar made of?  Why did I feel slimy, instead of clean?  A quick google search brought up the parent company who makes this line, somewhere in China.  Hunter Amenities...  Okay.  What are their products made with?  Look on their site - let me know if you find an actual ingredient list on any product and not just words on a package indicating, maybe, it contains "vegetable oils".  Doing some further research, I finally found the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and was surprised at what I found.

Under the possible side effects, and toxicological / hazardous side effects I saw this:


It is a skin product - used daily for cleansing, and they claim "Repeated or prolonged exposure may cause irritation and allergic Dermatitis.  They are saying that if you use their "soap" every day, your skin will dry up and fall off....  Okay, I might be adding my own feeling on what those words are saying, but their MSDS is telling you that their product can cause skin irritation if you use it constantly.

Folks, not sure what to tell you.  Please, you take care of yourself by eating healthy, leading an active lifestyle.  Why do people insist in putting nasty chemicals that we can't even pronounce on the largest organ of their bodies..

I would love you to use our all natural products.  We list EVERY ingredient we use.  EVERY one of them are naturally occurring, in nature.  I guarantee you will feel amazing after using our SOAPS.  But, even if we don't have the pleasure of having you as a customer, please find another natural soap and use it.  It's for your health people - just like drinking 6 cups of water a day keeps you regular and healthy.  

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