ManSoap and Movember.

Movember.  Have you taken part?  If not, the Movember initiative takes place every November.  The Movember foundation was established to help raise awareness, and funds to help combat sicknesses and diseases that affect men's health.  This could be both physical and mental illness.  Specifically, Movember uses funds that are raised to help fight prostate and testicular cancers, as well mental health and suicide prevention.  

Keep in mind, finding a cure for prostate or testicular cancer will help to find a cure for ALL CANCERS.  The research is far reaching, and frankly, important.  Mental illness in men, is often not seen.  Men tend to hide these feelings.  However staggering as it sounds, a man commits suicide every minute, of every day around the world.  3 out of 4 suicides globally, are attributed to men.  It's a real and present problem.

ManSoap wants to help.  We have created a special edition, Movember Gift box.  10% of the proceeds from each sale via our website will be donated back to Movember.  Let us know how you want us to donate it, to you, to your team.  Whatever - let's get those funds where they belong!

We would especially like to thank our friends at TD Bank at 2154 Carling Ave for taking the first step and putting together a Movember setup - where ManSoap has the honour of being a part of.  Please, visit our friends, and donate for your chance to win this gift box.

Any questions at all about ManSoap, or Movember overall, please reach out to us.  I have been personally running a Movember team, and been involved for 6 years.  If you have ANY questions about raising awareness and funds - let me know.  Running an event to raise funds in the Ottawa area and would like ManSoap to help and attend - done!  Let us know.

Please - even if you are not taking part, share this message with everyone you know, through your social networks, personally, etc.  It's important work - and every dollar helps.