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Essential Oils versus Fragrance Oils

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We get a lot of questions about our signature scents.  What makes them up?  How did you come up with them?  Why?

Before we get into our scents, we should start off with what ManSoap uses.  Like everything we do, we use only NATURAL, REAL ingredients and the oils we use to make our scents are no different.

In soap making and other homemade craft products you can utilize a bunch of different solutions to get scent.  Perfumes are an example. 

ManSoap decided from the very beginning to use nothing but the best, naturally occurring ingredients we could source.  As such, we use Essential Oils for our scents - and nothing else.  

Essential Oils are the naturally occurring oils that are given off by plants.  Rub your fingers on a rose petal and the smell is from the essential oils.  Love cinnamon?  Again, the essential oil in the bark.  However, to get essential oils, you need a large amount of product that is squeezed, boiled, and processed down to the base oil.  One of our main essential oils is Lavender.  To make 1 lbs of Lavender oil, you need to process 200 lbs of Lavender.  Essential Rose oil?  Upwards of 2000 lbs of rose petals!

While all of these oils are naturally occurring and are renewable resources, as you can imagine the cost can be quite high.  To combat that, some handmade companies will use Fragrance Oils to lower their costs.

Fragrance Oils are typically a mixture of chemical compounds, almost entirely synthetic in nature.  Essentially, they are made up of a chemical cocktail cooked up by adding different caustic chemicals.  When used and diluted, usually there is no problem but you should ask yourself if you want to use those to bath in.

We have built ManSoap around a concept of not cutting corners for the sake of saving a few dollars.  If we can't make a product naturally, and allow it to be purchased at a reasonable price, we won't make it.  This decision has also gone far into why we have 3 signature scents.  We have tried to make scents that will serve our community.  True Grit is a very manly, musky scent.  Sixth Gear - a fresh, citrus.  And Mint Condition... well, you guessed it, minty and fresh.  ALL made ONLY with Essential Oils.

If you have any questions at all about our process, our ingredients, etc, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  And, be sure to check out what we are doing live at any of our amazing Stockists.  We couldn't do what we do without their amazing support!


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