Beard Balm or Oil? Which is better?

Posted by Shann Bosnell on

The age old question, what moisturizing product should I use for my man mane?  In actuality, they are 2 different products with similar ingredients.  

ManSoap Beard Oils are the go to products for every man worth his salt.  From a 3 day growth to a Canadian Lumberjack, Beard Oils will give a lot of benefits, including:

  • Adding softness to the beard, increasing hugs from your significant other.
    • **Disclaimer** ManSoap can not guarantee more hugs, sorry.
  • Adding essential oils back into the hair skin.
  • Bringing out your natural luster and shine.
  • Reduction or elimination of beard itch and beard dandruff.

ManSoap Beard Balms take all the benefits of Beard Oils and turn the knob to 11!  Beard Balms also contain Shea Butter and Bees Wax.  With these added ingredients, you get...

  • Styling and control.  Who can control your manliness?  No one, that's who, but we can keep your beard in check!
  • Lighter scented then it's Beard Oil brethren, for those who prefer light scents.
  • Less shiny, giving the allusion you just woke up looking like an all-star. 

In the end, with either product your face will thank you.  Many customers use both.  

Any questions at all - send us an email.  Or, better yet place an order or check us out live at our amazing network of Stockists!